Applying for a UK Visa and Immigration – What you need to know

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Applying for a UK Visa and Immigration – What you need to know

Applying for a UK Visa and Immigration

This UK Visa article will explain everything you need to know about applying for a UK Visa. Getting permission to stay in the UK. Indefinite Leave, British Citizenship & more.

You may need a visa to visit the UK to study, work, see or join the family or perhaps your already living in the UK and interested to learn about how the ‘Indefinite Leave to Remain’ system to obtain British citizenship works. Applying for a UK visa could be relevant for you a friend or a relative right now, and so it’s essential to understand who’s eligible for a UK Visa and how to prepare your application best.

There are different types of visas based on:

  1. Where you come from
  2. Why you need to visit the UK
  3. How long you want to stay for
  4. Your Personal Conditions and Skills

Before applying, you must check if you will need a visa and what type you need. Depending on your nationality, you may not need a visa to visit or transit through the UK.

Somebody must approve your program before you travel.

You do not require a visa if you’re in the EU (European Union), Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland or Switzerland and you arrived in the United Kingdom (UK) by 31 December 2020. If you are living in the UK by that date, you can apply for the ‘EU Settlement Scheme’ to continue to work, live or study in the United Kingdom.

Check which visa you need to visit the UK:

  • For a vacation or to see family or friends
  • For a business trip or meeting
  • To get married
  • For those who have a visitor visa, you cannot take a job in the UK. You can do up to 30 days of research, as long as it’s not the primary reason for your trip.
  • If you’re travelling through the United Kingdom, you might need a visa on your way to another country. For instance, for those who have a layover between flights.
  • If you wish to study in the UK, your education course, length, type and location of study are factors which visa to apply.
  • Short-term Study visa’s lets you study for up to 6 months (11 months if you’re over 16 and studying an English language class ).
  • A Student visa is typically for a longer education course. You should be sponsored by a licensed college or university and have your confirmation in secured. You are also able to do some work on this visa.
  • Child Student visas are for 4 to 17-year-olds who wish to study in an independent school. If you are 16 or above, you’re able to do some work on this visa.

Suppose you wish to work or invest in the UK, on a temporary or long-term basis with a work visa. There are many types of work visa.

There are many types of work visa. The visa you need depends upon:
  • Your skills and credentials
  • If you have secured a job offer and sponsorship
  • If you require to bring your family with you
  • What you’ll be doing – such as sporting, charitable or spiritual-work

It’s possible to invest money in the UK by obtaining an Investor visa. You’re able to set up a business with a Start-up visa or an Innovator visa.

  • If you want to join family in Britain

If you are a spouse, a partner or a family member of somebody who has British citizenship or a settlement in the UK. It’s possible through a successful family visa application to join them. They may need to show evidence that they can support you financially.

Indefinite Leave to Remain

You might be able to apply for indefinite leave to remain (ILR) after a set amount of time living in the UK. Indefinite Leave to Remain (“ILR”) or Indefinite Leave to Enter (“ILE”), also referred to as settlement or permanent residence, are types of immigration status in the United Kingdon which means there is no longer a time limit on a person’s ability to stay in the UK.

Family Reunion Visas for Refugees

In the event that you were separated from your partner or child when you’re forced to leave your country, you can apply for them to join you in the UK.

To apply, you have to have been given asylum or five years’ humanitarian protection, rather than having British citizenship.

Alternative ways to obtain permission to live in UK

  • Commonwealth citizens
  • Ancestry visas allow you to work in the UK if you have a British grandparent and meet other eligibility criteria.

You can apply for an Ancestry visa to work in the UK if you have a British grandparent and meet other eligibility criteria.

You might have the right of abode to reside in the united kingdom. If you are a Commonwealth citizen and cannot prove your best to be a resident of the United Kingdom, read about the Windrush scheme here.

Returning Residents

If you previously had indefinite leave to remain (ILR) and left the UK for two or more years, you’ll want to apply for a returning resident visa to return.

Other Visas

There may be another visa that’s ideal for you based on your circumstances. Check what other visas you are qualified for by arranging a free 15-minute consultation with Tann Law Solicitors.

Tann Law Solicitors
Tann Law Solicitors


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