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3rd August 2021
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Commercial Judicial Review

Commercial Judicial Review

When a public authority makes a choice, such as establishing a new policy or procuring goods and services, it must adhere to the law. If they fail to uphold their legal obligations, follow proper procedures, or act unreasonable, you can challenge the decision in court by launching commercial judicial review proceedings. 

Judicial review is a cost-effective and efficient method of ensuring that your business and commercial interests are safeguarded at all times. 

Our solicitors are aware of the distinctions between working with public authorities – such as central government, local government, and regulators – and dealing with private businesses. 

Tann Law Solicitors has considerable expertise advising businesses, individuals, charities, and community interest groups seeking to reverse public body decisions, as well as challenges brought by third parties to judgments affecting company assets.

Our Purpose

Our commercial judicial review solicitors have considerable experience handling a broad range of public and regulatory law cases, offering legal counsel quickly, efficiently, and affordably. 

If we believe you have a good case, we will pursue it to the fullest extent possible. We have already taken matters to the Supreme Court, the European Court of Justice, and the European Court of Human Rights and are therefore unafraid of any challenge.

We can assist with the following situations:

  • Review by a judge
  • Procurement issues under public law
  • Issues of procedural justice and human rights
  • Protection of personal data and right to information
  • Confidentiality, privacy, libel, and slander
  • Tribunals, administrative appeals, and statutory inquiries
  • Law governing inquests
  • Competition
  • State assistance

Why Should You Choose Tann Law As Your Judicial Review Solicitors?

We provide a wide variety of legal services to a diverse range of clients and sectors, one of the reputable law companies in the UK. 

Our commercial judicial review solicitors take a collaborative approach, providing high-quality counsel that safeguards your company interests. Numerous instances in which we have been involved have resulted in changes to the law, stretching the bounds of our legal system. 

Contacting us for initial assistance is completely free. We offer a free 30-minute consultation. If we advise you to pursue legal action, we will discuss all potential financial possibilities with you. We will always advise you clearly and objectively on the best course of action for you and your business.

Tann Law Solicitors
Tann Law Solicitors

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