What to do once you receive your sponsor licence
What to do once you receive your sponsor licence
26th July 2021
Commercial Judicial Review
Commercial Judicial Review
3rd August 2021
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Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Commercial litigation & Dispute Resolution

Our commercial litigation and dispute resolution solicitors collaborate with you to identify and manage business risks and settle conflicts effectively.

Our clients describe us as commercially savvy, technically proficient, proactive, and easy to deal with. We’ll assist you in safeguarding your reputation and promoting your achievement.

We’ll assist you in safeguarding your reputation and promoting your achievement.

What Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution Services Do We Provide?

We collaborate closely with you to ascertain your company and personal objectives and to assist you in mitigating risk to your business. We frequently assist with the following issues:

  • Managing your relationships and contractual obligations with third parties – including suppliers, agents, purchasers, consumers, and advisers
  • Managing director-shareholder-employee interactions – include covenant violations, breach of confidence, and breach of duty.
  • Protecting your business’s assets – including intellectual property, brand recognition, and property.
  • Protecting your financial position – this includes financing agreements, banking relationships, securities, and guarantees.

When conflicts cannot be addressed through mediation or informal agreements, we can also assist you in pursuing the matter further, up to and including court if necessary.

Whom Do We Assist?

If you play a role in your company’s success, we’ll work with you and your team to safeguard you and your business. We frequently assist:

Senior executives – CEOs, CFOs, General Counsels, directors of real estate, human resources professionals, risk managers, in-house lawyers, and company owners

Professionals – advisors, media personalities, and athletes

Individuals – shareholders, directors, purchasers, commercial clients, or investors

Businesses – both domestically and internationally – with a focus on the financial services, consumer, manufacturing, technology, and real estate sectors.

Why Should You Work With Our Commercial Litigation And Dispute Resolution Solicitors?

We invest time in learning about your business and its goals. We’ll collaborate with you to identify possible risk areas and prevent conflicts from occurring in the first place. 

Our solicitors speak your language and will provide you with straightforward guidance in clear English. Disputes can detract from your day-to-day operations. We’ll endeavour to resolve the issue as fast and effectively as possible so that you can resume normal operations. 

Ideally, we’ll intervene early to manage and resolve the situation before it worsens. If matters do escalate to the point of litigation, we will be there to assist you every step of the way. 

We use novel pricing and funding systems to ensure that you incur minimal or no costs in pursuing or defending your case.

Tann Law Solicitors
Tann Law Solicitors

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