Employment Contracts, Policies and Procedures

Disciplinary and Grievance - Employee Misconduct
Disciplinary and Grievance – Employee Misconduct
4th April 2022
Terminating Employment and Settlement Agreements
Terminating Employment and Settlement Agreements
4th April 2022
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Employment Contracts, Policies and Procedures

Employment Contracts, Policies and Procedures

A company’s connection with its workers is built around the employment contracts that it offers. It is critical to have employment contracts that are adapted to your company’s needs as well as the needs of individual workers and the obligations they have. 

Tann Law’s employment solicitors can assist you in putting in place contracts that will protect your company while also setting the correct tone for your relationship with employees. 

In recognition of the fact that every company is unique, as well as the fact that functions within each firm are likewise unique. Some employers prefer generic contracts to guarantee uniformity of treatment, whereas others prefer customised contracts since they are tailored to meet individual needs. 

When it comes to designing contacts, there is no such thing as a “one size fits all.” Whatever your option, we will work with you to put contracts in place that are tailored to your company’s needs. 

In many organisations, basic contracts for junior workers may be adequate. However, contracts for senior employees should be adjusted to reflect their specific roles and responsibilities. For your whole staff, from directors and senior managers to individuals who work on a casual or zero-hours basis, we can provide advice and design contracts. 

Tann Law Solicitors deal with businesses of all sizes and in various industries, including the financial services industry. As a result, whether you are a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) or a multinational organisation, we have the expertise and understanding you want to get the most out of your UK workforce. 

Our employment contract solicitors may assist you with the following:

  • Create employment contracts that are legally compliant for various positions inside your organisation.
  • Individuals should seek advice on their particular employment arrangements.
  • Existing contracts should be reviewed and amended.
  • Restriction covenants, which are legally binding, may help you protect sensitive information and valued client relationships.
  • Reduce the likelihood of workers breaching or disputing their employment contracts.
  • Employment litigation may be used to compel compliance with contract terms and covenants.
  • Participate in and organise employee stock ownership plans.

As an accredited law firm in the United Kingdom, we can help you with any size assignment, from creating a single contract to reviewing all of your employee contracts. 

With teams who are experts in all areas of business and employment law, we can take a comprehensive approach to any additional legal challenges that your company may be experiencing as a result of our collaboration. We’ll collaborate with you to get a thorough understanding of your company’s operations. 

All of our recommendations will be practical, economically oriented, and tailored to your company’s specific requirements and culture. Contact us today to learn more about how Tann Law’s employment contract solicitors may assist your company with its employee contracts.

Call us today to speak with one of our Employment Contracts Solicitors.
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