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17th February 2022

Humanitarian protection in the United Kingdom | Asylum Seekers

Humanitarian protection in the United Kingdom entails the government’s commitment to safeguarding and preserving the dignity of millions of people seeking asylum in the country. Asylum […]
17th February 2022

What is Annulment? UK Annulment Solicitors

An annulment is a formal declaration by a court that a marriage was never valid and that the couple should be returned to their pre-marriage state […]
9th February 2022

The Five Stages of Divorce

Divorce Has Five Stages, Which You Should Know About Stage 1 – Filing of the Petition Stage 2 – Reaction to the Situation: The Response Stage […]
3rd February 2022

Decreased SSP sick pay for employees who are not vaccinated

Ikea, Ocado, Next, and Morrisons, among other well-known companies, recently announced that unvaccinated UK employees who take time from work to self-isolate and do not have […]