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3rd February 2022

Dismissing and Re-engaging employees: fire and rehire

The practise of firing and rehiring has become particularly prevalent during the Covid-19 pandemic, garnering increased media attention and political condemnation. • The practise of dismissing […]
17th January 2022

Innovator Visa – A Visa for Innovators and Pioneers

An Innovator visa application (formerly referred to as a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa or Tier 1 Innovator visa) enables you to establish or acquire a business […]
16th January 2022

Business Visitor Visa – Business Immigration

A Business Visitor visa permits you to visit the United Kingdom for business and work-related purposes for a maximum of six months in a row. Our […]
24th December 2021

Sponsor License for SMEs – Small and Medium sized Businesses

Sponsor License for SMEs Obtaining a Licence to Sponsor Overseas Workers could provide your small or medium-sized firm with the competitive edge it requires to prosper. […]